What Makes Us Tick?

Our Vision

To create High-Performance organizations that enrich human life and achieve extraordinary business results

Our Mission

To build thriving organizations by uplifting employees through growth in development, improved communication, knowledge, skills and challenging work. Increasing employee engagement, processes and powerful structuring of organizations through High-Performance leadership.

Our Values

We identified values that reflect our uniqueness.  While guiding our decisions, they truly describe what matters most to us.  We will continue to test their relevance and learn from their application.

  • Demonstrating Integrity: We put integrity before any other value as the foundation for trust.  Our credibility is based on our integrity and expertise.
  • Achieving Valued Results: We advise organizations in ways that produce the results that matter.
  • Deepening Communications: finding your voice: what we do requires developing genuine and risky communications, particularly when combined with our value of integrity.  When this kind of communication happens, then others speak up.  When others speak up, new ideas are generated, processes are improved, and conflicts get resolved.
  • Brightening Others’ Days: Approaching Life Optimistically: we have an unending belief that organizations can improve, people can learn and achieve satisfaction at work.  We smile, laugh and enjoy what we do because we make a difference.
  • Seeing Opportunities: Focusing on, and leveraging opportunities: we teach and encourage people to see differently.  We know what once they see new ways, they focus more clearly, and as a result, they gain from leveraging those opportunities.  They find the voids and fill them.
  • Challenging Our Beliefs and Assumptions: To be effective, we challenge both the beliefs held by organizations and our own beliefs.  We question our assumptions, and where we exhibit resistance to new ideas, we believe this is an opportunity to learn.  This permits us to stretch our thoughts and ultimately to improve our own performance.
  • Applying Appreciative Inquiry: What Is Your Dream?: we learn from studying how organizations are effective, each in its own ways.  Staffs are uplifted when approached from this positive perspective.  It is more than a method; it is the way we have come to understand organizations and the conditions under which learning occurs.
  • Causing Accountability: We believe that accountability is instilled in us by our childhood experiences and is demonstrated by committing to improve the performance of organizations, volunteering to support our community, embracing non-profit organizations, and working to sustain what is best in our environment.
  • Integrating Others’ Contributions: We learn from our own experiences. We learn from others.  Improvements come from everywhere at any time so it is important for us to pay attention, to listen, to apply, and then give credit where it belongs.
  • Weaving Fun Into What We Do: to ensure the benefits from these values, fun drives the engine of accomplishment.  It provides the energy to persist toward achievements and to sustain them.