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Robert S. Grossman is a business growth consultant, trainer/facilitator, coach and speaker with decades of experience. Having achieved success in both the corporate world and as an entrepreneur, Robert has helped hundreds of companies with high-performance strategic consulting, training and communications. He coaches business leaders, CEOs, presidents, entrepreneurs and sales professionals. Robert brings 30 years of experience as a business owner, executive coach, Vistage chair and an award-winning communicator.

Star Athletes Have a Coach. Should You?


Star Athletes Have Multiple Coaches Athletes have coaches because they want to constantly improve their performance. Their coaches, like an Executive Coach, will tell them what other won't help them see what they cannot see and encourage them to move past their limiting beliefs so they are in a position to achieve greatness and success beyond their wildest imaginations. What Is Coaching? Coaching is a powerful one-on-one relationship that engages willing clients in a profound and honest exploration of their goals and the actions required to accomplish them. Coaching supports, challenges, and holds clients accountable to make consistent, often dramatic [...]

Star Athletes Have a Coach. Should You?2019-03-30T11:25:54-07:00

Why It is Critical to Create New Leaders?


The business world has changed a great deal over the years. Decades ago, employees came in, punched the clock, did their jobs, and went home. The millennial workforce has changed that, though. Ninety-one percent of millennials have aspirations to be leaders, according to The Millennial Leadership Survey. Business owners need to give millennials opportunities, or they will become disengaged. As an employer, it is essential to provide leadership opportunities to employees so that they will have pride in their work. While it might seem frightening to relinquish some control, proper leadership development will make your business stronger. Delegate Tasks Delegating [...]

Why It is Critical to Create New Leaders?2019-03-07T09:49:51-07:00

Simple Steps to Deliver Great Customer Service


Customer service is a pretty hot topic and can make or break your business. Consumers have little patience for lousy customer service and quickly get tired of waiting in long lines, trying to get a live person on the phone, going through an interrogation to return something or trying to communicate through a language barrier. If you provide your valuable customer with a simple, efficient, pleasant customer service experience, they will revisit your business over and over. More importantly, they will tell everyone they know! Satisfied customers are necessary for any successful business, but they are not enough alone to [...]

Simple Steps to Deliver Great Customer Service2019-03-07T05:03:59-07:00

How High Performance Teams Communicate


Communication is a cornerstone of how well teams interact, perform, and ultimately, produce results. High-Performance teams are aware that perceptions are often based on past experiences and can vary from person to person. They can also get in the way of communication. However, high-performance teams can learn to use verbal and non-verbal communication and active listening skills to avoid misunderstandings and loss of productivity in a team environment. Communication within teams can be a complicated process. Often, it is difficult to put internal perceptions, feelings, and motives into meaning and words. Messages can be misunderstood and misinterpreted due to personal [...]

How High Performance Teams Communicate2019-03-07T15:28:09-07:00

Four Steps to Overcome Common Obstacles in Teamwork


Business leaders often run into many obstacles that keep them from moving forward solely because of their doubts and fears. Since they are not perfect, it is crucial to learn how to partner well with others and create TEAMWORK! Strong teamwork consists of people who are committed and want to work together in order t be prosperous and productive. Having a team of diversified individuals will bring many positive aspects to a business venture. Be aware that one of the pitfalls is cloning the same people over and over, which will lead to limited resources and limited skills. Step 1. [...]

Four Steps to Overcome Common Obstacles in Teamwork2019-03-03T08:05:01-07:00

Characteristics of a High-Performance Leader


About the Webinar Webinar Video - Characteristics Of A High-Performance Leader Orginal Webinar Date: May 23, 2018 Runtime: 30 Minutes Many companies still think management and leadership are the same things. While a leader needs to develop management skills, there are four other roles a leader should excel at. It does not matter if you lead a team of two or a large, multi-national corporation, the principles of High-Performance Leadership are still the same - and they can be learned and developed. The Presenter Robert S. Grossman, High-Performance Coach, Consultant & Facilitator @Black Diamond Leadership Having achieved [...]

Characteristics of a High-Performance Leader2018-05-25T06:56:11-07:00

A Day That Will Live in Infamy for California Employers


My good friend and colleague, Scott W. Williams, Esq from The Small Business Law Firm, P.C., authored a brief about the landmark California Supreme Court case Dynamex Operations West, Inc. With this new law, the prerequisites for determining if someone is an independent contractor (IC) or employee has changed DRAMATICALLY, and if you don't know about this, it is critical for a business who use IC understand the world changed for you on April 30, 2018. Please take a moment to understand this significant change. Here is his brief. [pdf-embedder url="" title="IC v Employee"] If you would like more information, contact Scott HERE [...]

A Day That Will Live in Infamy for California Employers2018-05-16T15:46:50-07:00

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