It’s Lonely At The Top. Until Now…


Access the collective wisdom of your Executive Peer Group to discuss and solve your greatest business challenges.


An Executive Peer Group is a made up of ten to sixteen Executives, who run companies of similar sizes and complexity, that meet monthly to work through business-related issues.

Executive Peer Groups are facilitated by a professional executive coach with deep business and facilitation expertise.



To my fellow Executives. 

It’s Definitely Lonely At the Top

When I ran my first business, I wish I had an Executive Peer Group of like-minded business owners and decisions makers where we could solve business challenges, learn from each other, develop ourselves as leaders, and make better decisions.

As a Peer Group Facilitator, I have witnessed the power of bringing together business leaders to learn and work on their challenges and goals. The results were astonishing and transformational. Members turned around their companies, grew at rates that they never dreamed of, challenged their own leadership, recreated their vision for their company and employees, and achieved professional and personal life balance. 

We are in the process of forming groups in multiple counties. Feel free to connect with me to see if there is a group in your area.

I hope you’ll join us for an amazing experience.

With Gratitude,


Robert S. Grossman
Managing Director and Executive Group Facilitator
Black Diamond Leadership



Robert S Grossman, Managing Partner

Robert Grossman is an entrepreneur and creative solutions generator that comes from his unique background as an educator, sales professional, marketer, executive coach, trainer, and executive producer. He has worked across a broad array of companies providing hands-on, value-added solutions and is Founder & Managing Partner of Black Diamond Leadership.

In 2007, Vistage International, the leading CEO membership organization recruited Robert to be a Group Chair and Executive Coach for highly successful CEOs.  To become a Vistage Chair and launch a group of 16 CEOs, Robert had to complete their rigorous training program successfully.

 His client portfolio included The American Red Cross, Deloitte, Dole Foods, Ernst & Young, Exxon-Mobil, Fiserv, Hyundai, LucasFilms, MARSH, Sony, United Way, Volvo, Walt Disney Company and WellPoint.