I am a firm believer of what Zig called “Automobile University”.  I subscribe to Audible and Podcasts so I can turn traffic time into education time.  For most of my adult life, for some reason, I didn’t read or listen to Zig Ziglar.  About a year ago, I purchased his audio book called “How To Stay Motivated”. In the book, he suggests you listen or read the book at least 10 times.  I thought that was crazy, but to date, I’ve listen to it 7 times. Each time, I learn many new things that I could swear was not part of the program the last time I listened to it.

I also Liked the Zig Ziglar Facebook page and every day I receive inspirational and uplifting Ziglar quotes in my timeline.

I have many favorite quotes from Zig, but this one really struck a chord in me.  I believe from time to time we all feel stuck or had minor and major set-backs. The day I read this quote, my paradigm shifted because, I realized I was stuck in the past and not seeing my future as a big blank canvas for me to create moment by moment and day by day.

zig you've made mistakes