About the Webinar

Webinar Video – How To Delegate and Create a Culture of High-Performance

Original Webinar Date: July 10, 2018

Runtime: 30 Minutes

During coaching sessions and workshops, many of my client’s express dissatisfaction with their ability to delegate effectively. They said they don’t know how to do it, what to do when people miss deadlines, do the work incorrectly or not at all.

When viewed as an opportunity to develop your employees, delegating for growth is empowering to both parties, provides a simple structure to select the right people for the job and an easy to learn a way of managing the process.

At the conclusion of this webinar, you will understand:

  1. Why Delegate?
  2. Characteristics of Positive Delegation
  3. Barriers to Delegation
  4. Deciding what to Delegate
  5. Delegation “Dont’s”

The Presenter

Robert S. Grossman, High-Performance Coach, Consultant & Facilitator @Black Diamond Leadership

For over fifteen years, Robert has delivered leadership and employee improvement keynotes, workshops, leadership coaching and programs that achieve higher performing leaders, managers, teams, and organizations.

The core of his focus is helping create an environment of nimble, customer-focused, and collaborative practice in which every person is an engaged and contributing partner in the business.

Robert is a former Vistage Chair providing coaching and mentoring for CEOs and executives in multiple industries.

Robert is available for speaking engagements, executive coaching, and workshops and seminars.

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