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Black Diamond Leadership provided an engaging program on Developing a Culture of High Performance for our senior management team. The team learned quite a bit in just a few days and we are now “speaking the same language” when it comes to accountability for our individual and team efforts. I am certain that any team will improve using Black Diamond’s methods. We have definitely increased our efficiency post-seminar and we are eager to learn more.

Tom Gilman

CEO, BioSera, Inc.

Robert Grossman, President of Black Diamond Leadership led a workshop this morning on high-level executive leadership for one of our Business Roundtables. The program was engaging and highly interactive. Every one participated. An attendee said it was one of our best programs ever and how soon could Robert come back? Great job! Thank you! I highly recommend Robert if you’re putting together a program to engage senior-level executives and help your team achieve the next level of success.

Diane Gubin

President, Amplify Professional Services and Principal, Capital InVentures. Founding Director, C-Sweet

I had the pleasure to attend a presentation by Robert. His presentation was engaging, stimulating and entertaining. He is in command of the information and produced a presentation that allowed the attendees to interact and to walk away with information that can be used in everyday applications. In this day and age where communication is so important and so easily misunderstood, it was great to take a minute to see how we can communicate, listen and understand better. I would strongly recommend using Robert and Black Diamond Leadership. Our group has already decided to have him back for a second round.

Douglas Wolf, APCL

Managing Partner



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